Eleftheriadis to Run for Potami Leadership

Published in eKathimerini.com on 22/02/2016 NEWS 22.02.2016 Pavlos Eleftheriadis, a candidate with To Potami in the last national election, has said he will run for the leadership of Greece’s centrist party. Underwhelming election results and poor polls have split the party, now led by Stavros Theodorakis. A congress to decide its political future will be start Friday. In a statement posted on To Potami website, Eleftheriadis, a law professor at Oxford University, suggested that part of the problem was lack of democracy inside the party. Continue reading


 Published in the UK Constitutional Law Association Blog on 13/2/2016 In this comment I discuss the proposals for a new settlement between the UK and the EU. As I will show, the precise nature of the draft agreement is unclear. This legal instrument raises difficult issues of both EU and public international law and could potentially cause serious uncertainty or even a constitutional crisis. Press reports have missed this legal complexity. Ministerial statements have been silent about it.  Continue reading

Is Greece about to be martyred again?

Published in the Telegraph, 7:50PM GMT 27 Jan 2016.  By Pavlos Eleftheriadis  Amid concerns that Greece is failing to control its borders, some EU countries have been talking of suspending the Schengen free-travel area and imposing internal border controls. Schengen is only one element in the legal framework which constitutes the EU’s core belief of the free movement of persons and has very little bearing on the Union’s asylum policies. Continue reading

The EU protects Liberty but a British Bill of Rights would endanger it

Pavlos Eleftheriadis, University of Oxford As David Cameron tiptoes towards a referendum which will decide the UK’s future role in Europe, any innovation that could placate eurosceptic sections of the electorate might prove useful. That is maybe why an article by a fellow academic has gained political currency by pushing forward again the argument that Britain should install a “Bill of Rights” which allows judges to veto incompatible European Union laws. Guglielmo Verdirame, a professor of international law at Kings College London, calls for Britain to emulate what he considers to be the model of Germany and other EU member states.    Continue reading

Interview on Syriza's bumpy road ahead

Pavlos Eleftheriadis, an Associate Professor of Law and Fellow of Mansfield College at Oxford University and an EU affairs spokesperson for the Greek political party 'To Potami  discusses Syriza's victory in the 20/9 general election live from Athens. He says that Syriza has not explained the rationale for the bailout, just like the old parties. While Tsipras has signed up for serious reform in the next three years he does not seem the right man for the job, in spite of his current popularity.  Continue reading

Why I am standing for Change

Published at www.theconversation.com on Saturday 19/09/2015. When the Greek people vote in Sunday’s election they are being asked to offer their judgement on former prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, and his Syriza government. That judgement should be harsh. During a fraught 2015, Syriza’s leadership sought a political triumph over ideological adversaries in the eurozone by trying to force them to submit to extraordinary demands. They essentially used Greece as a bargaining chip in this ideological battle and declined to use the most obvious and less risky methods available to them to improve the future of Greece. Continue reading


Pavlos Eleftheriadis, a candidate for the Greek political party To Potami speaks on the coming Greek general election at Newsmakers, for TRT World, 18/09/2015.      Continue reading

Why I am standing for To Potami in the coming Greek election

  PAVLOS ELEFTHERIADIS 16 September 2015   To Potami is a new party running on a budget many times smaller than that of its rivals. Its voice, however, is increasingly being heard and its support keeps growing. In the coming election of September 20, I am standing as a candidate for To Potami, the pro-European centre-left party formed in 2014 by journalist Stavros Theodorakis. To Potami - which means 'The River' in Greek - was formed with a twin agenda, first to fight the corruption and cronyism of the traditional parties of government, Pasok and New Democracy, and, second, to defend the future of Greece inside the Eurozone against isolationist calls by strong forces of nationalism and populism   Continue reading

INTERVIEW AT Channel 4 News, 6/07/2015

Pavlos Eleftheriadis was interviewed live at Syntagma Square by Jon Snow for Channel 4 news on the day of the Greek referendum. 6 July 2015. Alongside him was the Syriza MP and minister for the Economy George Stathakis.   You can watch the interview here          Continue reading

What is Wrong With Greece?

Telegraph, 10/07/2015.   Why is Greece so different and why does the government of Alexis Tsipras send such mixed messages towards Europe? Many people believe that the origins of Greece’s problems lie in its four-century domination by the Ottomans, which meant that it missed defining moments in European history, such as the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Industrial Revolution, and is following a highly personal and informal model of government that suits an absolutist ruler but which is incompatible with the professional state that is dominated by the rule of law – and is a requirement for being a member of the EU.     Continue reading