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Pavlos Eleftheriadis is Professor of Public Law at the University of Oxford. He has been a Fellow of Mansfield College, Oxford since 2003.  He was educated at the University of Athens (BA, 1990) and the University of Cambridge (LLM, 1991, PhD, 1995).

He is a barrister in England and Wales and practises before the English courts in various areas of public law and human rights from Francis Taylor Building in the Temple. Some of his recent cases involved challenging the Brexit process on constitutional grounds, including the challenge to the legitimacy of the EU referendum on account of the violation of electoral law by the ‘Leave’ campaigns, in the case of Wilson v Prime Minister [2019] EWCA Civ 304.  

He has been a visiting researcher at Harvard Law School (1993 and 1995), a visiting professor of law at Columbia Law School (2001), a visiting scholar at the University of Toronto (2012) and a Distinguished Global Fellow in Residence at Boston College (2013).

He regularly blogs and writes for the press on European, constitutional and legal issues. He has been an active commentator on the Eurozone crisis in the press.

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The Faculty of Law in the University of Oxford is one of the largest in the United Kingdom. Legal scholars in the colleges and University are members of the Faculty, which coordinates and supports the teaching and writing of one hundred fifty three academics. We admit and support and teach and examine a diverse and outstanding body of students from all over the world.

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"What are we known for? For being central, and beautiful. For being small and friendly and fun. For the quality of our teaching - and of our food. For having the highest proportion of state school educated students in Oxford. Mansfield is a generous and supportive community, and we are always striving to find the very best students".

Helen Mountfield QC, Principal of Mansfield College, 2019.

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